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Meet the crew

Our story... so far

We have been liveaboards, on our catamaran, Two Drifters, since February 2014. Seven years on our floating home has taken us half way round the world. If you are inclined, you can read the story in step-by-step detail from the very beginning on our blog. But for now, here's a potted history of our story... so far.

Like many, we harboured a dream to, one day, sail around the world.  ‘One day’ suddenly presented itself (perhaps with a helping shove) and we put everything we owned up for sale; the business (a successful PR agency), the motor boat, the house and the car; and in its place, we purchased a 2008 Lagoon 440 catamaran.    

We picked our boat up in the South of France and, within the space of just a few months, we had stepped off the treadmill and into a life of sailing, adventure and challenges. Between the two of us, Fergus is the real sailor, he’s a qualified RYA Yachtmaster; while for me, it was a complete baptism by fire, as I had very little sailing experience before we started. 

Over three years, we slowly got to grips with the boat and the whole sailing malarkey while exploring the Mediterranean and Greece, before deciding we wanted another, and much bigger, challenge.  The Caribbean beckoned, so in January 2017, we left Tenerife, with some friends to help us, and sailed across the Atlantic to Barbados; an experience that was both fun and terrifying.

Having extensively cruised the Eastern Caribbean, we sailed Two Drifters up the East Coast of the USA as far as Maine – just to enjoy a lobster – before turning round and heading back down the coast again.  Maine was beautiful, but just too cold!

In 2018, we embarked on a five-month Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) rally of South and Central America, sailing around Colombia, Panama and the San Blas islands.  Our highlight was discovering Colombia, a total jewel in the crown of South America, as it was so special and unique.  

We paused for a while in the Bay Islands of Honduras, to not only explore more throughly but so that Fergus could get his PADI Divemaster qualification.  

As a former PR, I have a passion for writing about our travels and sailing experiences, which has resulted in my articles being published in the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sailing Today and the Royal Yachting Association’s (RYA) Cruising News and InBrief publications.  Always on the lookout for a story, I keep my camera close to hand and regularly blog about our day-to-day exploits on the boat’s social media page

In March 2020, our latest challenge was to cross the Pacific Ocean, which was a complete test of endurance, doing the 27-day crossing, from Panama to the Marquesas Islands, by ourselves. 

We’re now discovering the delights of the South Pacific, and love being accompanied on our travels by a growing number of 'sofa sailors', made up of friends, family and followers on social media. The feedback we have received over the last six years has been wonderful, heart warming and encouraging and is something we value highly as sailing liveaboards.


Thank you for visiting our website and please enjoy this adventure with us.



And a final word from the Skipper…

It doesn't happen often, so I'll try and squeeze a few words in edgeways, Nev has pretty much covered it all, but basically we are two people who love travel and really getting under the skin of new countries and cultures. Being snails, and travelling with our home, gives us the luxury of time to spend in the places we like and move on when we choose.


Hello from...

Fergus Dunipace (Ferg)

aka Skipper


As a child, I recall saying, “Mummy, when I grow up I want to be a sailor!” Her response was, “Darling you can be one or the other, which one will it be?” Some would say she was bang on the money, but I like to think I have found a happy medium, sailing around the world, tinkering with our floating home as we go.


I do like to spin the odd yarn as anyone who knows me will testify, and if anything mechanical falls apart I'm happy as a sand boy trying to put it back together.


My hidden skill is as a mixologist and my ‘Skipper’s Cocktail Of The Day’ has earned legendary – and usually lethal - status!  Out of necessity I have mastered the art of brewing our own Ginger Beer, which it has to be said goes down rather nicely with local rum and has been known to reach a Cat 5 when paired in a Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail!


Jenevora Swann (Nev)

aka First Lady

After drinking my husbands’s Cocktail of the Day, I might admit that as a teenager I always wanted to be a BBC Radio 1 D.J. I even had my own show on hospital radio and was a finalist in a UK regional DJ discovery competition.


After leaving school, I followed my chosen career to work at the BBC in London, but instead of being on the airwaves of Radio 1, I fell into the press office of Radio 2 and, quite simply, never looked back.


A PR career beckoned, working in radio, TV, movies and then travel. I guess that passion for travel started a wanderlust itch that just had to be scratched. Fast forward to live aboard life, crossing oceans and sailing from one country to the next and I now enjoy writing and documenting our travels.


But despite the miles we have now covered on board Two Drifters and having spent seven years of my life on a sailboat, I still think of myself as a novice sailor!





Trade winds


New friends


Gone sailing