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Meet the crew

Our story... so far

Fergus and Jenevora have spent the last eight years having an extraordinary adventure while sailing halfway around the world on their Lagoon 440 catamaran, Two Drifters.  Their passion for sailing has taken them from Greece to Australia - via the USA, Caribbean, South America, Central America and the South Pacific – on a 40,000-mile journey, crossing two oceans and taking in five continents.  With an intrepid curiosity for adventure and exploration, they have visited hundreds of islands - met lots of interesting people - and ticked many once-in-a-lifetime experiences off the bucket-list along the way. 


Always on the lookout for a story and with a keen eye for photography, Jenevora keeps her camera close to hand, and regularly blogs about their daily exploits and adventures on their ‘Two Drifters’ social media pages. 


In early 2022, the time felt right for them to sell the boat in Australia and take a break from the liveaboard lifestyle. They are now in the UK - with a base on the chilled-out Isle of Wight – and are property developing in between a stint of boat deliveries, skippering other people’s boats and feature writing.


As for credentials, Fergus is a qualified RYA Yachtmaster Ocean, MCA Marine Engineer and PADI Divemaster, while Jenevora has turned her hand to journalism with features published in the Daily Telegraph, Sailing Today and the Royal Yachting Association’s (RYA) Cruising News and InBrief publications. In 2022, she passed the shorebased course for the RYA/MCA Day Skipper for Sail & Power Craft.

Hello from...

Fergus Dunipace (Ferg)

aka Skipper


As a child, I recall saying, “Mummy, when I grow up I want to be a sailor!” Her response was, “Darling you can be one or the other, which one will it be?” Some would say she was bang on the money.


I do like to spin the odd yarn as anyone who knows me will testify, and if anything mechanical falls apart I'm happy as a clam trying to put it back together.


My hidden skill is as a mixologist and my ‘Skipper’s Cocktail Of The Day’ has earned legendary – and usually lethal - status!  Out of necessity I have mastered the art of brewing our own Ginger Beer, which it has to be said goes down rather nicely with local rum and has been known to reach a Cat 5 when paired in a Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail!


Jenevora Swann (Nev)

aka First Lady

After drinking my husbands’s Cocktail of the Day, I might admit that as a teenager I always wanted to be a BBC Radio 1 D.J. I even had my own show on hospital radio and was a finalist in a UK regional DJ discovery competition.


After leaving school, I followed my chosen career to work at the BBC in London, but instead of being on the airwaves of Radio 1, I fell into the press office of Radio 2 and, quite simply, never looked back.


A PR career beckoned, working in radio, TV, movies and then travel. I guess that passion for travel started a wanderlust itch that just had to be scratched. Fast forward to live aboard life, crossing oceans and sailing from one country to the next and I now enjoy writing and documenting our travels.


But despite the miles we have now covered on board Two Drifters and having spent eight years of my life on a sailboat, I still think of myself as a novice sailor!





New friends


Gone sailing


Trade winds

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