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Marquesas to Tahiti- Feeling Fruity

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the sumptuous fruit we picked up in Nuku Hiva. At US$65 for a week’s worth of fruit and veg, along with a chunk of brie and camembert, it was expensive, but impressive in quality.

The pamplemouses (part of the grapefruit family) are huge – similar in size to a cantaloupe melon – but sweeter and juicier than conventional grapefruits. They’ve made an excellent breakfast mixed into a fruit salad, along with ripe mangos, bananas, and topped with Greek Yoghurt and granola. The bananas are a lot smaller than those we’ve been used to in Central America, although just as tasty.

When we have the ingredients, Skipper makes a cracking Sea Breeze as his Cocktail of the Day; and, before we left Nuku Hiva, we tried one with the juice of a pamplemouse, mixed with vodka, cranberry juice and ice. It was refreshing, fruity and totally delicious. My mouth is already watering at the thought of another , after several days on a ‘dry’ boat at sea!

In other news… the one that got away… another huge marlin has been hooked and it was even bigger than the one we caught a few weeks ago. Although, due to its excessive size, we were both rather relieved when it managed to give us the slip.

And finally…Not long now, Tahiti is in range and we should be there by late Thursday evening, pending on the winds and the sea state.

We’re really looking forward to stopping now, especially to being in an anchorage where we are allowed to swim. In Tahiti, we will be able to check-in to French Polynesia and will, at last, find out our fate; as to exactly how long we will be allowed to stay in for.


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