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Plan B And Plan Sea...

In a strange twist of fate this week, we find ourselves moving to the Isle of Wight...which will be cause for a celebration, as it’s our first real place to call home since we sold our boat in Australia in March. 

Frustratingly, we’re not moving into the three-bedroom terraced cottage with glorious sea views, which we’ve been under offer on for the last five months. Instead, we have bought a small one-bedroom flat in Cowes. With just three windows overlooking a car park, it's a far cry from the sights and sounds we've been used to!

Skipper with the keys to our new front door

Skipper at our new front door

The views over Totland Bay

Views from the house we hoped to buy

We bought the flat as an investment property and it should have been rented out immediately.  I'm just thankful our objectives when looking for it was it should be somewhere we could live in ourselves if ever needed.  I never once thought the need for this as a Plan B would happen so quickly and it would become our first land-based home in over eight years.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been led a merry dance by the owner of the property we hoped to buy in Totland Bay.  He accepted our asking price offer in April and was absolutely delighted we weren't in a chain and could move quickly.  But there’s been way too many complications and technical issues that we're now convinced he doesn’t actually want to sell at all.  I can't tell you how stressful it's been; we've had many sleepless nights trying to fathom out what's going on and what to do for the best. So, we’re faced with walking away from it – or wasting the rest of the year wondering if it will ever happen.  

Our belongings, which we had freighted over from Australia, finally arrived in the UK last month.  All 33 boxes have now been sifted down and we’ll take the bare essentials over to our new flat, now nick-named the CoweShed! 

To think we’ll be living in a space that’s smaller than our catamaran is almost laughable.  But at least after six months of limbo, we now have a place of our own. However, we are indebted to my parents, who have put up with us living with them for a lot longer than 'just a few weeks'!

Finally reunited with Salty Peckham!

Working in Ocean Village, Southampton

We’ve had an amazing summer and have loved working on the water together as Skipper and crew, come rain or shine with sailing gigs across the south coast from Plymouth to Portsmouth.  We've regaled charter guests with the stories of our sailing adventures and still get a buzz from those who are amazed by our gumption and intrepid curiosity for exploration. Skipper has been inundated with work, not only behind the helm, but also with teaching others the wonders of sailing. 

As we reach the end of the UK sailing season, we’re getting ready to improve our skills this autumn with one or two more accredited marine courses, while mulling over a few business ideas for next year.  Watch this space!

We love sailing

Never happier than with each other on the water!

And with a yearn to still be on the water, we may even dash across the pond for a sailing gig or two in the sunshine while we work out our next move.  I’m calling it Plan Sea! 😊

The sun sets on The Solent

The sun sets on The Solent

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