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Sailing To Brazil – Our Final Leg

For a while the seas were flat, almost glassy and, with no wind, we had a calm start to the 240-nautical-mile motor from Fernando de Noronha to Cabedelo. That said, the heavens have opened on us this morning and given us a free boat wash along with rough seas.

Our last day highlights included landing a 3ft-long wahoo; being greeted by a very friendly pod of 30 Atlantic spotted dolphins. And, while on the helm, I also managed to just miss running over a paddleboard – still attached to a mooring buoy – which was aimlessly floating around 100 miles offshore!

But the lifelong giggle-moment goes to Ferg. We were just finishing our night watch at 4am when there was a strange wet slapping noise, quickly followed by Ferg yelping and jumping off the helm. By our feet there was a surprisingly large flying fish, which had flown into the helm station and walloped Ferg in the face, leaving a slimy trail of scales from cheek to ear! We’re well versed to flying fish landing on the boat but this is the first to being hit by one. It brings a new meaning to the saying “being slapped in the face by a wet fish.” Perhaps it was Neptune’s way of touching base. Oh dear, I’m still giggling every time I think of it….

We’re almost at Marina Jacare Village where the boat will rest up until its fixes are done and it’s ocean ready again.

Meanwhile, we are busy making plans for some land travel next week, so any tips very welcome. Needless to say, we’ll definitely head to Rio de Janeiro in search of the girl from Ipanema, a caipirinha on Copacabana Beach and a little stroll on Sugarloaf Mountain.

Sofa sailors, we’ve reached our end destination, so it’s time to hang up the life jacket and enjoy a well-earned drink. You’ve been amazing company and thank you so much for crossing the Atlantic Ocean with us once more. xx

Total miles to go to Cabedelo: 15

Date: Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Photo: Endless Blue…Where the sea meets the sky

© Two Drifters Travel

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