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Atlantic Crossing – Day 10…Swedish Shenanigans

In the last 24 hours – 144 miles sailed.

A special day on board as in a tribute to Tommy, it’s our Mid-Atlantic Honorary Swedish Day. At 11am, singing Du Gamla Du Fria (the national anthem), Tommy raised the Swedish flag up the mast and the celebrations began.

Abba songs rang out from the sound system; there was a group plank to “Gimme Gimme Gimme” and while learning the local language we also enjoyed an excellent Swedish quiz. For dinner, Tommy cooked up a delicious dish, usually eaten at celebrations such as midsummer, Easter and Christmas, of potatoes, onion and cream called Janssons Frestelse (with anchovies) and Peassons Frestelse (with ham). All in all a fabulous day and we have to award douze points to Sweden!

Elsewhere, we seem to have hooked and then lost two rather nice Mahi Mahi while trying to reel them in. We also seem to be sailing particularly well at the moment and are ticking the miles off to Barbados. No sign of any other boats around us today.

Skipper Says…Saturday is Two Drifters Got Talent Day, so we’re all in practice for our party pieces as tomorrow, Skipper Cowell will decide who has the most talent on board!


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