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Atlantic Crossing – Day 21…Time For A Rum Moment

Almost there! GMT -4. ETA into Barbados is 10am Wednesday morning (local time)

Our last full day at sea and it was a busy one.

The First Lady decided to do some last-minute cooking and surprised us all with delicious Malteser Chocolate Brownies. And, in preparation of landfall, she and Debs also got down to the very serious business of painting toe nails.

The wind remained fickle and today we’ve had up the Genoa, Spinnaker, Gennaker and also motored a bit. The weather remains sunny and hot, but if you’re not careful a little rain shower will suddenly descend – usually just when the washing has been put out to dry.

As the day has flown past, we’ve all got that little bit more excited as we are now counting down the last 24 hours at sea.

At 6pm as we hit the double-digit mark, we celebrated with a little rum moment on board. It’s been a fantastic Atlantic crossing on board Two Drifters.

There’s huge discussions going on about what we’ll all do first as soon as we step onto land. Miss Molly says she’s going to run around very fast, stop and then pee on the biggest tree she can find. The rest of the crew are going to race Skipper to the bar for that all important cold beer and rum punch.

There were a few last night antics going on during the night shift, especially when Skipper put a glow-in-the-dark balloon in through the hatch in Tommy’s cabin. Tommy, (2D’s very own practical joker) who started his night shift at 2am, was more than a little surprised at the sight that greeted him when he woke.

The night has flown past and us with it, getting the wind and the sea state to clear an average of 7 knots. It’s as if the boat now knows she’s on the final furlong and she’s careering in with all guns-a-blazing. We’ll be moored up for late breakfast and most certainly in time for a beach party that’s happening at the Yacht Club this afternoon.

This will be our last Atlantic blog. On behalf of the Skipper and crew, thank you so much for all your comments and well-wishes which have been passed through to us via our satellite email from the Two Drifters land-crew. And our big thanks as well to the land-crew who will soon be off duty, but who have done an amazing job bridging the gap while we’ve been at sea.

Whoa, we’re almost in Barbados! xxx

© Two Drifters Travel

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