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Atlantic Crossing – Day 20… The Pirates Of Pink Pants

In the last 24 hours – 137 miles sailed. 133 miles to go! GMT -3

More than a few squalls made themselves known today to the early morning watch team, who did their best not to get too wet, while dodging big waves and 30 knots of wind. The First Lady might well have been downstairs making copious amounts of coffee in order to avoid them.

After being up all night, a sleepy Skipper appeared on the Bridge late morning and was just enjoying his first cup of tea of the day when a large noise and figures loomed from the front of the boat. Seconds later dressed in pink shorts, black tops, bandanas and eye patches, two pirates jumped up onto the coach roof by the Bridge, brandishing wooden spoons and oooohhhh, arr-ing in a most disconcerting way. We were under siege by the Pirates of Pink-Pants, aka Tommy and Karen!

Skipper nearly fell of his helm in surprise, shock and laughter. International on-board Talk Like a Pirate Day had begun and the rest of the crew quickly got involved donning their pirate disguises and talking like Pirates almost of the Caribbean. Even Pretty Molly Pretty Molly.

To add to their element of surprise and so they couldn’t be seen making their entrance by those on the Bridge, Tommy and Karen had jumped out of the front hatch above Karen and Debs’ bed. Unfortunately, they’d forgotten to shut the hatch behind them and shortly afterwards a very large wave decided to take advantage of this by diving in and soaking their bed. That’s two out of three cabins now that have endured wet bedding from looming waves. Just one more to go…

It’s the Final Countdown now. We’re seeing boats we know arrive in to Barbados and we just can’t wait to be there. Our friends on J-Squared look like they may arrive in before 6pm on Tuesday. For us…we’re still looking good for Wednesday morning.

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