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Atlantic Crossing – Day 11 …Two Drifters’ Got Talent

In the last 24 hours – 142 miles sailed

Phosphorescent dolphins were spotted by the overnight watch, skimming through the water like brightly coloured torpedoes.

A cloudy day with the threat of rain hanging over us for the most part. By popular demand, we had a coffee morning and the new Nespresso machine (purchased in Tenerife) was put into action dishing out lattes and expressos.

When the fishing reel whirred, this time Skipper was very quick off the mark and a good-sized Mahi Mahi was captured. Our third landed so far.

“Your Saturday night starts right here!” declared Skipper at 4pm as with an afternoon tea including homemade treacle tarts, Two Drifters’ Got Talent was launched.

There were excellent rhyming ditties from Karen and Pete based on our journey so far; a play on the words of “Whoa I’m Going To Barbados!” from Debs, which we all sang along to; a spoof blog of the first week from Nev which caused some hilarity, and even Skipper got in on the act with a little tribute to Ronnie Barker.

However, the outstanding winner was Tommy with his magic tricks, which stopped us all in our tracks, and got Debs more than a little wet with a face full of water. Naughty Tommy! Two Drifters definitely has a lot of talent on board!


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