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Atlantic Crossing – Day 12…Groundhog Day & Fireballs

In the last 24 hours – 131 miles covered

So it’s getting a bit like Groundhog Day here…the sky seems to be permanently cloudy, with just a bit of sun poking through for a couple of hours a day. The sea-state remains confused; the wind a stable Force 4 or 5; the marine life currently non-existent, aside from a smattering of flying fish on the deck each morning….and no sign of our friends on J-Squared who are on a different weather path, south of us.

So we’re keeping ourselves entertained in other ways. Today, Debs & Pete took over the kitchen and cooked up a fabulous Sunday brunch of bacon, eggs, sausages and bread.

Later we flew the spinnaker for just the second time this trip as the winds have not been light enough to justify it. Sadly by early evening, the winds were so light we had to motor sail through the night.

We’ve also been coping with a low battery problem, which we think occurred in Cape Verde when we were on shore power and supposed to be charging the batteries. However, the voltage into the boat can’t have been right – and we did note at the time that the washing machine wasn’t performing properly (but that’s nothing new with our machine as it’s quite temperamental at best) – so we’ve been left with very low batteries; but thankfully after a full day of charging on the generator it seems to have solved the issue.

In other news, the pre-midnight watch team witnessed a large fireball in the sky, lasting just a brief moment. Without Google to ask, our on board theories behind this could be a planet exploding, a meteor or a UFO!

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