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Atlantic Crossing – Day 13… That’s Magic

In the last 24 hours – 121 miles sailed 😦

A weird and wonderful phenomenon rose with Two Drifters this morning….the sun! Skipper was especially pleased as it meant the solar panels would be getting a kick; and the female crew ecstatic as it was a chance to do just a little bit of sun tanning. However, lounging around on the trampolines on the front deck did mean getting a little wet from the odd wave as it hit the underneath of the boat. Quite refreshing really!

The sea is still more than a little confused, but it gradually grew and grew during the day. We are missing the rhythmic Atlantic rollers which people talk about; but we do seem to be getting a regular set of three very large waves which we roll down, a little like a big dipper and occasionally a lot like a log flume, complete with a splash at the end of it.

Some spooky news, Tommy’s magic powers keep on surprising us and have now extended to finding the very difficult place where Skipper hid his Swedish flag! He’s now earned the nickname of Samantha after the character in the TV series Bewitched.

Elsewhere, Debs pulled one out of the entertainment bag with a fantastic game of Scattegories last night. We are now totally hooked. Skipper Says…tomorrow is Mid-Atlantic Pancake Tuesday. Time to give the Nutella a good blasting 

And finally…a brief mention of thanks to our Two Drifters land crew, Debbie and Jay, who are monitoring the Facebook posts and passing comments on to us via our InReach messenger service. While we are unable to directly respond until we reach land, we are truly grateful for so much support.

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