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Atlantic Crossing – Day 14 …Pancakes & Shooting Stars

In the last 24 hours – 155 miles covered

Another bright sunny day dawned, with light winds and the sea still unsure as to what it’s doing. Still we got the spinnaker up and, after a few adjustments to it, we’re now making good headway with an average of 6.5 knots. We managed to fly it until 10pm, which will make a huge difference in our daily mileage.

It was Pancake Tuesday and so for brunch Skipper proved he could toss ‘em like a pro mid-Atlantic! Favourite fillings were banana and Nutella; treacle & sugar and jam and cream.

Bets are now on as to when we’ll hit the half way mark since leaving Cape Verde. We’re aiming for Wednesday evening and, pending on the timing, we may well briefly lift our dry boat rule and break out something other than the sparkling water.

We have lost the moon now at night and it’s dark all around aside from the light coming from Venus, which is very bright in the sky. We’re all enjoying the star-gazing and have used the app on the I-pad to distinguish different star constellatio ns, which is just fantastic. However, it’s the action in the night sky that’s so mesmerising with shooting stars, comets and satellites all dashing around. Quite simply, it’s stunning.

And finally…Skipper Says…I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day…and as if by magic, we just so happen to be on the eve of the 24th. So, if we’re lucky we might get Santa to drop by with some presents en route to his holiday in the Caribbean. Everyone has been instructed to hang out a stocking just in case and tomorrow we will celebrate mid-Atlantic Christmas Day. Bring it on!

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