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Atlantic Crossing – Day 16… Celestial Navigation

In the last 24 hours – 139 miles sailed

The spinnaker stayed up until 2am last night, before it gave way to the Genoa and so Skipper could get some kip. It was woken up by 9am and was on duty just like the rest of us. However, light winds meant we were motor sailing by early evening.

A quiet day on board as everyone enjoyed the sunshine, some of us more than others. The books came out on the Sun Deck and the Bridge and we were even joined by two pods of dolphins during the day.

With some spare time now on their hands, Skipper and Pete investigated how to use the Sextant. While it’s not needed as we have various forms of GPS on board to guide our way, it’s always good to be able to understand how to plot our distances using the sun and horizon as a guide if needed.

When we liaised on the satellite email with our Two Drifters land crew, who are kindly monitoring our Facebook page in our absence, we discovered there had been a wealth of comments flooding in following a post the land crew had placed for people to wish us well on our way for the final leg of the journey.

Each comment was read out after dinner, and it was so touching and just like the bit in “I’m a Celebrity” when they read out messages from home. We were all totally overwhelmed by the encouragement of such lovely posts. And a huge Atlantic thank you to each and every one of you who commented or liked the post. Your support means so much to us, especially while we’re at sea and communication is limited.

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