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Atlantic Crossing – Day 17… Finally The Trade Winds Arrive

In the last 24 hours – 162 miles sailed

A slow day on board and even the winds were light. We solved one dilemma however, which was what to do with the extra hours we’re clocking up over the time zones, and how to dispense with three extra hours before we make landfall.

Skipper says….let’s have an hour back party. It was the party that never was as it started at 6pm and finished at 6pm on the same day  There may have been a small glass of gin or vodka with tonic for each crew member and there may have been party food, music and dancing on the Bridge, but as it was the party hour that never happened, you might think it, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Two Drifters is now on GMT -2. So just another two hours to work off before hitting Barbados.

In other news, we had the most stunning sunset of the trip so far. As most evenings the sun sinks behind cloud, it was lovely to enjoy a full blooded red sky at night.

And finally…two fins looking suspiciously like sharks were spotted by the eagle-eyed First Lady. Skipper has instructed everyone to be extra careful when walking around deck as he doesn’t want anyone falling in right now.

News Flash…News Flash..News Flash… The Spinnaker remained up until 11pm, when a 26 knot true wind shift hit us out of nowhere and the boat sped up to a speedy 14 knots. Just a little too quick for our liking so we’re now using the Genoa, enjoying an average speed of 7 knots and are flying along to Barbados.

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