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Atlantic Crossing – Day 2. The Morning After The Night Before

In the last 24 hours – 150 miles covered

The morning after the night before, thankfully a calmer start to the day, but not before Skipper and all crew had been on an overnight diet of Stugeron and bananas in order to calm stomachs. While our watch system allows for 8 hours off and time to get a good night’s sleep, the ability to actually get one in the rough weather escaped most of us.

The highlight of the morning was catching up on VHF with our good friends on J-Squared, who were sailing parallel to us about 5 miles away. It was so good to hear their voices and the camaraderie lifted our tired spirits. We remained in radio contact with them throughout the day.

By lunchtime, a wind drop left us trying out the Gennaker and then reverting to the Spinnaker. But a fun afternoon was had by the crew, playing with the Spinnaker lines in order to achieve 7 knots out of an apparent wind speed of 10 knots which was pretty good going.

Supper might have taken a little longer, due to the gas running out so we enjoyed an impromptu version of ‘Name That Tune’ by Nev, who’s our self-appointed Ents Officer on board.

Skipper’s daily announcement was that as the weather tomorrow is due to be flatter, we’re going to enjoy a full English afternoon tea, with all hands on deck to make fresh scones. Yum Yum!


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