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Atlantic Crossing – Day 3… Light Winds and Dolphins

In the last 24 hours – 124 miles covered

The wind is escaping us so we’ve been under motor for most of the night and day. All was quiet until the fishing lines tinkled and Pete, who was on watch, reeled in a Mahi-Mahi which nicely sorted out our lunch requirements.

The day became even more exciting when we overtook J-Squared and shortly afterwards we were treated to a wonderful show by 30 dolphins who were delighted to have some company mid-Atlantic and played underneath the two hulls for half an hour. Then the sun made an appearance too so for the first time we were able to lounge around on the front trampolines on the sun loungers.

Skipper decreed that today we’d have an afternoon tea, so he and Karen set to with baking scones and banana bread. This was enjoyed on the Sun Deck along with a good English cuppa with the choice of Earl Grey or Yorkshire Tea.

The dolphins made a return visit late afternoon as the sun was going down and rewarded us with a jumping show worthy of Sea World. They came back again to join the night watch so we very much hope they’ll stay with us as we continue our journey.

Skipper Says…tomorrow we’re all going to play party games.


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