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Atlantic Crossing – Day 4… Jumping Jack Flash

In the last 24 hours – 140 miles covered

The weather is being very fickle with us. At times we’re getting some great speeds under sail, but we’re finding there’s a lack of wind and we’re having to use the engine more than we really want to during the night. And if the winds remain light, which is predicted, it will seriously eat into our fuel rations.

So we have a decision to make. We can either keep our fingers crossed for the trade winds to set in soon or, as we’re very close to the Cape Verde islands, we can dot in there for a night or two to re-fuel, re-provision – and have a beer! No prizes for guessing what the answer is!

It’s not just the sailing weather that’s fickle. When the sun is out it’s baking hot and we’re all stripping off, but when the sun goes in, it’s really rather cold and we’re pilling on all the layers.

The dolphins were back in force today. We’ve named one Jumping Jack Flash as he’s so good at double back summersaults! They really love it when we cheer and clap and so jump out of the water at us again. Just fantastic 

At Skippers Says…Party games today included Pass the Parcel accompanied by party food and party pop. A big kids’ dream! Tommy and Ferg won the parcel jointly which was a Chocolate Fudge Brownie mix, which we’ll all enjoy when they make it tomorrow.

A gate-crasher to the party was a 3-foot Mahi Mahi, which was landed on Tommy’s watch. Giving us 10 portions for dinner. Nice!


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