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Atlantic Crossing – Day 6… Thrashing Waves

In the last 24 hours – 167 miles covered

Confused seas and lots of wind made for a very bumpy and noisy night on Two Drifters as the waves thrashed into the hulls.  Still we made some good progress on our course, which is now set for Mindelo on Sao Vicente in Cape Verde.

For those of us that may have just drifted off to sleep as the wind calmed down, we had a rude awakening at 0630 as one of the personal man overboard alarms went off very loudly in the saloon.  The two people who are on watch must wear alarm tags and if the alarm sounds it usually signifies that one of them has fallen overboard.  Thankfully it was just a dodgy battery to blame, but it did demonstrate just how quickly we could all jump out of bed if needed.

A little later, Nev and Pete were on the sunrise watch and were treated to the most awesome dolphin display ever as Jumping Jack Flash took it upon himself to summersault 18 feet out of the water several times before finally taking a breath and disappearing underwater again.  Just a shame they didn’t have the camera to hand.  Pilot whales also spotted today.

In other news, Miss Molly is doing just fine with lots of daily cuddles, walks around deck and attention.  She’s taken rather well to her new AstroTurf, which she really enjoys sitting on, but during high seas it’s put into the well on the Sun Deck in order to make it more comfortable for her to do her business.  And for that part, it has been a great success!


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