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Atlantic Crossing – Day 7… Land Ahoy

In the last 24 hours – 167 miles covered

A flying fish and squid were discovered on deck this morning, and we were again treated to another dolphin display. The kitchen is a hive of activity with Debs making Banana Bread and Nev on a Roasted Veggi Pie.

Great excitement in the air as we spotted the mountains of Cape Verde, and a loud cry of “Land Ahoy” went up from the Bridge.

Two issues for us to fix in Mindelo include a hole in the new Mainsail due to chaffing and a receiving problem with our AIS aerial.  Otherwise, we’re all looking forward to stepping off onto land and enjoying a meal out.

Skipper Says…”Beers tonight are on me!” Whoop Whoop.  And we’ve also had an invitation from J-Squared for a Rum Punch with them too.  I think we’re going to be enjoying this little pit stop!

Time of arrival into Mindelo was 1510 local time.  Perfect!


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