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Atlantic Crossing – Day 9… Rolling Down Hill To Barbados

In the last 24 hours – 157 miles sailed

Thankfully the sea has settled down today and we’ve picked up a current doing in the right direction, but we’re still waiting for the gentle Atlantic rollers.

We were all up bright and early today, so jumping on the surge in energy levels, the First Lady turned into Fitness Lady, put the music on and encouraged everyone to do a simultaneous plank (fitness move aimed at strengthening core stability for those that want to know)! This is now going to be a set daily exercise. (Oh crumbs!)

Later in the day, just when we’d all sat down to dinner of Beef Bourginion, there was a whirring sound from the aft of the boat. “Oh Shit,” exclaimed our Skipper as he put his food one side. “Sod’s law on timing. We’ve just caught a fish!” All hands to the deck…. well some anyhow as most of the crew weren’t moving far from their hard-earned food…so Skipper and Tommy reeled in a Mahi Mahi, which will suit us just nicely for a BBQ lunch tomorrow.

Skippers Says…Tomorrow is going to be Mid-Atlantic Honorary Swedish Day and our Swedish crew member, Tommy Osterman is going to teach us all to speak a little Swedish and we’ll be singing along to Abba tunes. Tommy will even cook up some local delicacies for us to all enjoy. Yum Yum.


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