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Pacific Post: Blog 12- Are We Nearly There Yet?

We’re on the home straight! At this stage, we would usually be rather excited, with a new part of the world to discover, explore and report back on; instead we’re left feeling a little flat as we are about to join you in isolation, as our lockdown life begins in French Polynesia.

For me, what really hits hard is the inability to get off the boat; and after 27 days at sea, I would like nothing more than to put my tootsies on terra firma, let alone have a swim around the boat once the anchor is down, but it’s not to be.

So, we have to focus on the good stuff. We are healthy, happy and coronavirus-free. We’ve had some awesome night vistas over the last few days with a near-full moon lighting up the ocean like a torch in the sky; coupled with amazing colours at sunrise, it has given us thankful times while on night watch.

We’ve only marginal repairs to do when we arrive - the clear window panel in our genoa (front sail) has two rather trendy rips in it. Skipper may need to shimmy up the mast to check on our antenna receivers, the water maker has had a little hiccup, and then there’s the never-ending barnacles to clean off the bottom of the boat, which joined us for free ride across the ocean.

And the best news of all is that we’ve had a fast sail and we will arrive a few days earlier than thought on Good Friday.

The Champagne is chilling and I hope you will join us for a very special Fizz Friday to celebrate a successful crossing. We should be in for breakfast, local time (we have bacon butties also at the ready!), which will be a perfect drinks-o’-clock time of 6pm in the UK.

Roll on Friday   

Total miles sailed in 48 hours: 315
Total miles to go: As of the midday log on Wednesday - 284
Dates: Tuesday 7 April & Wednesday 8 April


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