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Pacific Post: Blog 13- We’ve Arrived In French Polynesia!

At 1300 on Good Friday, 10 April, we put our anchor down in Nuku Hiva!

Our 4,157 nautical mile journey from Panama City to Nuku Hiva, Marquesas took 27 days. During which, we used our engine for just 24 hours, the rest of the time it was all plain sailing. Just the way we like it.

Two Drifters’ average boat speed was just shy of 7kts; and our highest boat speed on this Pacific crossing was 15.8kts.

Our provisioning worked incredibly well and we still managed to have a fresh fruit for a smoothie until the very last day. Vegetables left in our store include cabbage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and onions. Not bad considering the last time we went to a shop was over a month ago!

It’s going to be an interesting time for us over the next few weeks and we’ll report in as soon as we have got onto the local wifi network. It’s marvellous to see and smell land again. The island of Nuku Hiva lo oks beautiful, but we are unlikely to be allowed to set foot on it. I have to say, that in an anchorage with around 90 boats, the quietness is eerie; no dinghy movement, no one in the water, no socialising and no laughter.

We will enjoy a really good night’s sleep tonight, with no shift changes at midnight and 5am, although I suspect it will take our body clocks a while to get used to a lie in. Just in time, probably, for our next trip, as we are due to make the 800-odd nautical mile sail to Tahiti later next week.

For now, we would like to give a ma-hoo-sive thank you to our fabulous land crew of Debbie aka ‘Doogle’ and Jay, who have admirably sofa-sailed our Facebook page across the Pacific Ocean and kept us in touch with your wonderful comments and support 

And huge thanks to you too for joining us - for your post likes, comments and support. We hope you’ve enjoyed being an integral part of our sofa-sailing crew across the Pacif ic Ocean and that you have had fun on this momentous journey with us.

Nev & Ferg xx


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