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Pacific Post: Blog 3- Yes…It Really Was This Big!

We were just about to sit down for a lunchtime game of backgammon, when we heard the unmistakable sound of the fishing rod going ballistic. We had a fish on!

Now, Skipper gets most excited when we catch fish and today was no exception. He slowed the boat down, donned his life jacket and got to the task of reeling the fish in from the back of the boat. But this was no ordinary fish. At one point, he thought we’d caught a shark, but after 30 minutes of hard work battling to get it in, we were boarded by a 7-foot blue striped marlin! It was, without doubt, the biggest fish Two Drifters has ever landed.

Just a few days into the trip, and with a freezer still full of food, we had to do some careful shoe-horning in order to get 50-odd portions of marlin into the freezer. The other 20 portions, we shall be enjoying for the next week in one form or another. This is one catch we don’t have to ration! Sadly, though for Skipper, this has curbed his fishing for the foreseeable and until we can free up some space in the fridge or freezer for another catch.

While we’re settling into a lovely routine, I’m finding the shift pattern a bit draining at times. My body needs to adjust to having two short sleeps a day instead of one long sleep. So I know I just need to push on through and wait for it to catch me up. But in the meantime, have a very lovely Skipper, who has kindly shortened my night shifts for a couple of nights, to help me adjust.

Daily life though is remarkably relaxed. But our favourite time of day is to enjoy a cuppa on the bridge together at sunrise - shortly after 5am - when we switch the satellite device on to download the overnight emails and weather. We then have a good chat over the emails and latest news we’ve received before Skipper, who has been on watch since midnight, turns in for a few zzzzz’s.

Total miles sailed in 48 hours: 255
Dates: Wednesday 1 8 March & Thursday 19 March

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