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Pacific Post: Blog 6- A Nod To Neptune

We’re about to reach a milestone…crossing the equator at the intersection between the north and southern hemisphere.

Tradition has it, boats crossing Neptune’s home at the equator should offer him a tot of the finest beverage on board as a thank you for the care he has paid while sharing his seas.

Skipper declared Neptune would have a large tot of Two Drifters’ best rum and, as we shouldn’t let Neptune drink alone, we must have a tot too. Now, there’s two things to point out here… firstly, we’re normally a dry boat while sailing offshore, but I think this is one tradition that we should most definitely get involved with.

Everything was going as planned, and we aimed to cross the equator at sunset on Monday. However, our friends on Tourterelle were 15 miles behind, just a little bit too far to make it a sunset crossing with us; so we decided to slow down so both boats could aim for sun rise instead. Which brings me to the second point - drinking rum at sunrise….seriously Skipper???

Overnight, with the boat speed at a sedate 3kts, we drifted along, less than a mile north of the equator line. Then, with Tourterelle right behind us, as the sun was peaking up over the horizon at 0622, we slowly allowed Two Drifters to mooch into the southern hemisphere.

A large rum was poured into the sea to thank Neptune for taking care of us on our seafaring journeys so far, and for those still to come. While Skipper took a sip, I just wet my lips, even with 11 days of no alcohol since we left Panama, I still couldn’t quite stomach drinking rum at sunrise! Instead, we will enjoy our tot of rum in a Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail later, with Skipper’s homemade ginger beer. And that will be such a treat!

The land crew played a blinder with posting details of our timings, and I’m so glad that many of you were able to sail with us on this momentous equator crossing, and it sounds like one or two also raised a tot of something special to Neptune too. Thank you and Cheers!!!

So Two Drifters is now sailing in the South Pacific – whoop whoop    Although, it is true to say that this area of the Pacific, known for the doldrums, is living up to its name, as the winds are light, so we’re drifting along at a very relaxed 3.5kts.

Coming soon…. Our next blog includes a fishy tail on how we managed to pass a care package between two boats after crossing the equator!

Total miles sailed in 48 hours: 227
Dates: Monday 23 March and Tuesday 24 March

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