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Pacific Post: Blog 7 – A Fishy Tale

When we crossed the equator, for the first time since leaving Panama, we were close enough to Tourterelle to shout across the boats to each other. It was so lovely to see them; we’d just shared a momentous and fun occasion and spirits were high.

We had promised them some of the marlin we caught last week and, as the seas were flat and there was little current, we decided conditions were perfect to pass some fish across to them.

After a quick consultation on strategy, Skipper manoeuvred Two Drifters alongside Tourterelle, while I grabbed some vac-packed fished out of the freezer, put it into a shopping bag, and hung it off the end of our 8ft-long boat hook.

By now, you should be humming the Mission Impossible theme tune, as we were entering a highly tricky manoeuvre!

With Skipper using his skill and dexterity on the helm to keep us steady, once the boats were about 8ft apart from each other, I stretch ed across from our bow towards Tourterelle with the boat hook fully extended, so their Skipper, Ian, could grab the bag off the hook. It was swiftly done and a cheer went up - mission accomplished - we had safely managed to pass a care package across two boats in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Oh, the things we do at sea to amuse ourselves. Entertaining video footage of the mission will be posted once we make landfall!

Into the Southern Hemisphere, we had now officially reached the ITCZ – the intertropical convergence zone - better known as the doldrums. This area is typically plagued by light winds, squalls and thunderstorms. It was beautiful sunny day, but the wind had dropped and, having seen the weather forecast, Skipper made a call that we needed to make haste and head south to avoid some potentially squally weather.

So that was it, the engines went on properly for the first time this trip and we motored for four hours until we found some wind , just as the sun was setting and were able to once again put the gennaker out and sail.

Wednesday saw similar weather with light winds and it was a mix or motoring and sailing. Along with the lights winds, we’ve inherited some very large (2 – 3 metre) swells, which makes for a rocky and rolly journey and it feels as if we’re on a fairground ride, as the boat lifts up over the swell. It also becomes difficult moving around the boat, as you just end up bumping into everything, so we have the arnica handy as it’s bruise-central.

In other news: Skipper made a rather delicious banana bread using plantain bananas, which gave it a lovely ‘banoffee’ taste. The perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee while on a night shift! He has also promised to post his famous Ginger Beer recipe in the next couple of days.

Total miles sailed in 48 hours: 272
Dates: Tuesday 24 March to Thursday 26 March

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