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Sailing To Australia – Sunset Strip

After a stonking few days of sailing, the wind finally died and the engines went on.
In a blink, the sea state turned from wavy into a flat, glassy pool. It would have been so easy to jump in for a swim – and believe me Skipper was very, very tempted!

The weather also delivered a sunset worthy of a Hollywood movie. We sat on the front of the boat and watched the sun change from vivid orange to soft red as it slowly dipped down into the South Pacific Ocean, leaving a trail of pink and purple hues in its wake. When at sea, every sunset is different and special in its own way, but this one was a real pinch-me-beautiful moment.

Not surprisingly, the becalmed weather didn’t last long and we’ve spent the last 24 hours’ motor sailing while dipping in and out of wind, waves, and a few drops of rain.

In other news…the 2D bakery has been making fresh batches of bread and chocolate brownies – a rather import ant source of energy for night watches! And the homemade pies (using a pie maker, we’ve recently been gifted) are a huge result – a creamy pork and mushroom pie was devoured in seconds last night!

And finally…we are two-thirds of our way through the trip and have less than 500 miles to go!

Dates: Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th November
Total miles covered in 48 hours: 286 miles

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