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Sailing To St Helena – Smiles & Sails

What a difference a day makes…I’m pleased to report we’ve now lost the huge swell, the seas have settled right down and the wind has all but disappeared. We’re back to a gentle rock and normal offshore life continues without any wobbles.

It was perfect conditions to drop the mainsail and get the new Oxley Bora winged sail out to play with. This gorgeous sail is like nothing we’ve sailed with before. Flying high above the bow of the boat, it dances from side-to-side in the breeze, moving us along so quietly, it feels like we were floating above the ocean.

A huge thank you for all your comments. The land crew have kept our sat email inbox busy with your feedback to our posts and it’s lovely to hear from you.

I know our last blog photo, showing the waves at the back of the boat, created a lot of interest and in answer to your questions – no it wasn’t a friendly dolphin that took the photo – we actually have a new camera. It’s an Insta360 and captures an all-round 360 view video as well as photos.

With this trip in mind – and hopefully a few more – we splashed out on a 3-metre long selfie stick. A special accessory that goes with the camera, its USP is the stick gets automatically edited out of the shots, so we can get more ‘film-like’ pictures and video.

We’ve taken a fair amount of video on land and sea since we arrived in Cape Town two weeks ago, which we’ll produce into a YouTube video when time allows.

And finally, I have to doff the hat to the incredible food we’re eating on board. Skipper Ian and Ferg have been dishing up restaurant-quality dishes from pork ribs and rump steak to barbequed fish and tuna & coconut curry. Meanwhile, the oven is doing overtime, baking homemade bread, cookies and brownies.

We always sit down together for our meals – but the highlight of the day is a lot of banter when we gath er together just after 5pm for one of Ferg’s tasty mocktails!

Total miles sailed in 48 hours: 271

Total miles to go to St Helena: 626

Date: Sunday 19 & Monday 20 February 2023

© Two Drifters Travel

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