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Sailing To St Helena – We’re Nearly There!

It’s Day 11…and we’re almost there. Just one more night watch to go and we hope to get to St Helena tomorrow in time for Sparkling Saturday sundowners.

Our arrival has been the main topic of conversation for the last 48 hours as, yesterday, when the wind went AWOL, we were facing putting the engines on and possibly an extra night at sea. But I’m glad to say the parasail is doing its job and we are gently sailing along at 4.5kts towards our destination.

The night sky continues to entertain us. Early evening, we have had a slither of moon joining in the fun, which last night set beautifully between Neptune and Jupiter. If only we could capture it properly on a photo, but sadly it’s not to be on a moving boat.

Over the last couple of days, we’ve been graced by pilot whales and also a pod of dolphins which came to play at the bow of the boat.

In other news, we managed an all-time first, catc hing two Mahi Mahi at exactly the same time from the two lines that were put out behind the boat. We had just finished supper and were about to take the lines in for the night when they both hooked a fish. With Ferg on one line and Ian on the other, it wasn’t long before we landed a brace of Mahi. That was the next day’s meals sorted – there’s nothing quite like catching and cooking your own fish!

Total miles sailed in 48 hours: 256

Total miles to go to St Helena: 146

Date: Wednesday 23 & Thursday 24 February 2023

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