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Sailing To St Helena – We’ve Arrived!

Today we awoke to cloud and a very grey sky, but that didn’t deter us. Spirits were high; we’d sailed very well overnight and were looking at a mid-afternoon arrival in St Helena. No surprises that the bubbles and beer were already in the fridge, chilling nicely.

About 27 miles out, Ferg spotted our destination on the horizon, letting us all know about it with a very loud cry of “Land Ho!” Out of the cloud, the mountainous landscape of St Helena loomed.

Situated almost halfway between South Africa and Brazil, St Helena – known simply as Saints – is one of the most remote islands in the world. Measuring just 47 sq. miles, it’s Britain’s second oldest Overseas Territory, after Bermuda.

As we neared the island, the sun came out and at 2.30pm local time, we attached to a mooring buoy. We’re one of about seven cruising boats in the bay.

Our thanks to all the sofa sailors who have been on this journey with us over the last 12 days. You now get to take a short break to rest, re-provision and re-fuel! We’ll spend a few days here before starting the leg to Brazil later next week. Time now to swap the life jacket for a backpack and enjoy being back on land exploring a new island. What fun!

From the crew of Tourterelles, we’re raising our first proper glass in almost two weeks, with a very resounding “CHEERS.” I think we’ll sleep very well tonight!

Date: Saturday 25 February 2023

Arrival time in St Helena: 14.30 GMT / UTC

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