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USA – Antigua Rally: Baking Hot – Day 8 (Thursday)

In the last 24 hours – 170 miles covered

What a lovely relaxing day; albeit a motoring rather than sailing one. The sea was so flat calm it was like a mirror. Still, it gave us a chance to catch up on some masterclasses. Skipper demonstrated his Mary Berry baking skills conjuring up a banana rum cake. He then gave Deckhand Al lesson in bread making; the baking smells coming out of the kitchen and up to the Bridge were to die for.

A sun-tanning session on the trampolines was preceded by a rope splicing class, and we culminated the morning’s activities with a midday plank session, hosted by Nev. [Well done everyone for making it past 2 minutes. We have some work to do after all this baking and eating!] Sofa sailors, please feel free to join in the midday plank at home. It is taking place every day until we arrive in Antigua 

Our group of SDSA Rally boats that left Bermuda on Wednesday has slimmed down to three of us at the front; there’s a few boats a little further back although now out of VHF range. We have Allegro, a very pretty ketch, and Arkouda, a speedy Outreamer catamaran, so we are very pleased to be keeping pace with them.

The late afternoon winds finally kicked in, and the genoa went out to give us an extra kick. The sea then picked up and we found ourselves in a very confused chop, making for a very bouncy night on board Two Drifters.

The forecasted weather advice is that we should put our foot down and get ourselves into Antigua without delay. Southerly winds and squalls may hinder our approach if we arrive much after Tuesday, but we’re keeping fingers crossed for a Tuesday lunchtime arrival.

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