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USA – Antigua Rally: – Stonking Along & Squalls – Day 11 (Sunday)

As of midday Atlantic Standard Time, in the last 24 hours – 182 miles sailed & 115 miles till we reach Jolly Harbour, Antigua. Max speed in 24 hour period was 12.6 kts

The sails stayed up all night and the engines remained off. We’re stonking along averaging 7.5 – 8 knots and at last have found the trade winds we’ve been after. Along with them comes a few more squalls as well, but remarkably, the few we’ve had this side of Bermuda have been during the day.

It’s Remembrance Sunday, and with a large sound on the boat’s horn, we sat up on the Bridge and marked a two-minute silence at 11am (Atlantic Standard Time). Aside from the waves against the boat, it was the quietest and most profound place to be on this day.

Skipper served a Sunday brunch speciality of American pancakes, complete with Blueberry conserve and Maple syrup. Al took a fabulous time lapse video of Skipper’s tossing antics, which will be posted up as soon as we reach a good wifi point. It’ll be worth the wait.

The next squall, which thankfully waiting until after 11am to hit us, came in fast and pancakes were left abandoned on the outside table as we scrambled around to shut windows, pull in the washing and, of course, deal diligently with the sails. With Skipper’s quick thinking, we then dodged a massive 7-mile wide squall, which would have been very wet and windy indeed.

A few people to thank… Debs Smith, our lovely crew member from the Atlantic Crossing, for leaving us with Scattergories. We had a fun, pre-dinner game, which Deckhand Al won fair and square. Skipper and Nev claimed boat brains for their dismal answers!

The Sofa Crew for our challenge today to get as many Abba songs into the conversation as possible. The chat over dinner was Super Trouper, but Skipper drew the overall laughs when talking about his upcoming night watch, he exclaimed, “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, A Man After Midnight!”

And finally, thank you for the wonderful messages of encouragement that have been coming in to us. We did have a low day on Saturday, due to tiredness and choppy seas, but to quote Scarlet O’Hara, “Tomorrow is another day,” and on board Two Drifters, every day is always different. We’re almost in the Caribbean, the air is warm and everyone is feeling quite perky now.

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