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USA – Antigua Rally: Bounces, Bumps & Bruises – Day 9 (Friday)

Distance covered in last 24hrs – 180 miles with a top speed of 10.5 and an average of 7.1 which is fantastic for us 🙂

Well, we’re still bouncing around today in choppy seas and east/south east winds. When the boat’s this rocky it makes having a shower rather interesting, especially when closing your eyes to wash your hair, as this really affects your balance. So, at rough times at sea, we’re very grateful for having a pull-down wooden seat in our walk-in shower so we can sit down to wash.

That said, getting dry and putting clothes on without falling over is another matter. In this weather and the boat’s flip flop motion, we might just be getting a few bruises now as we’re walking around as you can’t help but bump into things. But despite the boat’s rolling movement, we still managed the midday plank. And well done to those who broke through the 3-minute mark in these testing conditions!

While eating lunch, we were just contemplating our food plans for the evening, when dinner just rocked up and both fishing lines went at once. One rang the doorbell and then ran away, but we managed to reel in on the other line a decent-sized Mahi Mahi. As it turned out, it was a very good day for fishing as Al landed a small Wahoo and another Mahi on his shift later on. If we carry on like this, we’ll be able to fully re-stock the freezer for Christmas. Beats going to Iceland!

In other news, Skippers Says tasks have now gone global! The gauntlet was thrown down to the other two boats we’re sailing with to come up with their most favourite nautical themed joke. Each boat performed their piece at the 3pm VHF net and the winner, based on crew applause, was Arkuouda, closely followed by Allegro. Our own contribution was perhaps a little too English for the Americans we’re sailing with. 

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