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USA – Antigua Rally: – Tiresome & Tired – Day 10 (Saturday)

In the last 24 hours – 183 miles sailed. 280 miles until we reach Jolly Harbour, Antigua. 1,400 miles travelled in the trip so far.

Starting to get a bit tired on board now; the choppy sea and bouncing around is getting to us all. Sleeping is difficult as it’s so noisy with waves slamming and crashing into the side of the boat making the whole cabin and bed shake; let alone the motion of kangaroo jumping one moment, followed by side-to-side flip flops the next.

Cooking is requiring some concentration. Nev’s freshly mixed fruit smoothie for breakfast went careering off the worktop after one wave too many caused the liquidiser bottom to come loose and it deposited itself all over the newly-cleaned kitchen. And don’t even go there with trying to measure out ingredients as it’s darn near impossible. Also a bag of ‘Small Dog Food’ that was kindly donated to Molly by her dog friend Schooner on Salty Pause took a tumble and went everywhere. Molly thought all her Christmas’s had come at once as she was able to play chase the food around the saloon for hours.

As it’s Saturday, we gathered on the Bridge for a mid-morning coffee; Skipper got the Nespresso machine going for a full-on double-shot latte, while Nev magically produced a packet of very posh chocolate biscuits. Simple pleasures.

No fishing today as energy levels are down, the chop is up and we have more than enough fish in the fridge to feed us for the next few days. We’ve lost contact with Allegro, who have soared on ahead, but are still sailing in tandem with Arkouda. It’s so lovely to hear their cheery voices tapping into us during the day and while on night shift.

And in other news, while we’re dodging a few squalls, we are under full sail again and absolutely bombing along, which is fantastic. Antigua is feeling that little bit closer today. ETA: Early doors on Tuesday.

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