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USA – Antigua Rally: Dark & Stormy In Bermuda – Day 5 (Monday)

Arrived Bermuda: 669 Total miles covered since leaving Hampton VA, USA

A fabulous dawn to the day as we approached Bermuda. Our welcome party was a group of pilot whales; sadly, camera shy. The USA courtesy flag was ceremoniously taken down and replaced with the Q “Quarantine” flag, which all boats have to fly when on approach to a new country prior to checking in.

As we approached St George’s port, the talk up on the Bridge was making sure that we had beers chilling in the fridge and how quickly we could have a swim, before going ashore.

As it turned out our arrival was a little tedious as we couldn’t anchor until we’d checked into Customs. There are 17 Salty Dawg Rally boats stopping in Bermuda and we’re one of the first handful in, but with just three spaces on the customs dock and a half-hour check-in process, we had to circle for a while until there was space on the dock for us.

The afternoon soon disappeared, but once anchored we made time to pop the cork on a lovely bottle of Champagne which Al had kindly brought with him to celebrate our impromptu technical stop and another destination under our belts.

After a walk for Molly – who was officially allowed off – we joined up with the crew from Arkouda and Alembic and went in search of The White Horse; a legendary bar known for creating the original Dark & Stormy cocktail (Bermudan rum, ginger ale and lime). It was so delicious we had to sample more than one, but we all registered one thing… #soreheadsinthemorning!

In other news Skipper’s re-build of the water maker has been a huge success and Daisy is gushing more water than she ever has.

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