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USA – Antigua Rally: Day 4 (Sunday)

In the last 24 hours – Next Stop Bermuda

It was a wet start to the day, but once the sun was out, the squalls of the previous night were all but forgotten – that is, aside from the mountain of wet weather gear and clothes (not to mention people) that needed drying out!

Skipper started his Sunday by making a loaf of bread, which made the boat smell like heaven. This was followed by an announcement that it was National Donut Day, and donuts were magically produced with morning coffee #bigsmiles.

We decided we must be getting close to land as our fly by today was by some very pretty Bermuda Tropical birds. We also enjoyed another amazing sunset and a wonderful big orangey moon rise.

We’re all settling into the rhythm now of being at sea. Molly also has her sea paws back on. It took her a few days to get back into the flow, but she now has her routine and she’s a very happy soul. She even took herself off to bed this evening just as the night watches were starting up. Personally, I think she’s rather enjoying the treat of sleeping on Skipper’s bed each night 

What a difference in the last 24 hours. We’ve swapped choppy seas, wind and torrential rain for flat calm and a gentle Atlantic swell; which on a cat feels like a smooth foxtrot compared to the previous night’s rock and roll.

The full moon lights up the whole sky and we can see for miles around us as it glitters serenely on the water. There is a myriad of stars, but due to the moon’s brightness they have taken a back seat tonight.

There’s just the gentle sound of the sea as the boat moves effortlessly through it with a gentle rise and fall in the swell. But I won’t take poetic licence here, it would be complete if we had the sails up, a little wind and were sailing quietly; but the reality is that the engine is on in order to get us to Bermuda in the light tomorrow.

When it’s as calm as this, a four-hour night watch allows some very personal ‘me’ time. It’s solitary time, spent on the Bridge, to enjoy reading, writing and listening to music. Time to think, to plan and to also to pinch ourselves at how lucky we are to be able to enjoy – and share with you – such a special time at sea.

PS We would like to thank Allan (David Bailey) Steers for all of his on board pap work! Great photos Al 

© Two Drifters Travel

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