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USA – Antigua Rally: More Fish & Squalls – Day 3 (Saturday)

In the last 24 hours – 158 miles covered

As Nev got up for the 6am shift, there was excitement on the Bridge as Deckhand Al had put the Genoa out in anticipation of some wind. No sooner had Al disappeared off to get some sleep, the wind and seas picked up. Skipper, not wanting to let a morsel of wind slip past us, was out of bed like a shot and within minutes we were sailing at an average of 8 knots. Whoop whoop.

We’re halfway to Bermuda now and the enthusiasm is picking up for our unexpected ‘technical stop.’ We’re don’t think we’ll be able to stop for long, but it will certainly entail a swim, a beer and a bbq with our sailing friends from nearby boat Exodus and Allegro, who we’ve been enjoying some good VHF banter with.

Another good-sized Mahi Mahi was caught and reeled in by Al; and he and Skipper set to with preparing a lovely supper with the catch of the day and fresh veggies.

As the sun set, the motor went back on. We’d had 10 hours of good sailing, which was a bonus, but to get to Bermuda in the daylight on Monday, we’re going to need a little help from the engines to get us there as the wind is dying out again.

It was a stormy evening, with lightning in the distance and, as it turned out, the night watch was a wet one for each of us, with three really good squalls, one with 40 knots of wind, which gave Skipper and Al a bit of an adrenaline rush.

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