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USA – Antigua Rally: Swimming & Socialising Day 6 (Tuesday)

The morning after the night before – next time we do a technical stop, we really should make sure that we stop for just beer and pizza – and not too many Dark & Stormy cocktails!

We’re up early to make our way round to Hamilton (about 13 miles) to get duty-free fuel. The price difference between the fuel at St Georges and Hamilton was astronomic and we saved ourselves a good US$400 by taking this detour.

We also got to see some of the legacy left behind by the America’s Cup teams who were here in June. It was inspiring to be following behind in their sailing footsteps.

Back to St Georges and it’s not long before we’re all jumping in the sea for a much-needed swim. The water colour is an amazing azure blue. Al swam through ‘Peggy’s Hole’. Nev swam a mile around the boat. Molly swam around the boat too while Skipper wiped Two Drifters’ bottom.

All-in-all we enjoyed some down time and finished it off with hosting our friends (and their dog Schooner) from Salty Pause for a few sundowners afterwards. Don on Salty Pause is a vet and has been so helpful in securing our pet entrance into Antigua.

As the sun went down, it was a very happy boat of people and paws raising a glass or two in Bermuda. Tomorrow we’re back to a strict regime of a dry boat again until we get to Antigua…just 930 miles to sail. See you there!

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